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Why team ADMOD?
AdMod is the purveyor of Information Technology, business process outsourcing services and technology consultation to the teeming industry on the world wide web. We endeavor to deliver the most efficient solution to the most complex tasks that you have.
we simply optimize challenges that you have and turn them into processes that would symbolize the acme of efficiency and innovation and thus an optimized tomorrow.
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We are a premier Google Cloud Partner delivering Cloud Solutions for GCP, AWS and Azure and Microservices including Docker and Kubernetes. We provide faster, cost-effective and successful cloud transition with zero business impact.
AdMod DevOps Solutions helps you to integrate communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the work flow between development and deployment.
With Admod's Server Administration plans, our team will remotely handle all of your server technical issues involving configuration, optimization, security – all bundled with 24/7 server monitoring.
Javascript, ReactJS, NodeJS, PHP, Wordpress etc.
Our development department comprises of the most talented software engineers with years of experience.
Adobe CC, Figma, Sketch, HTML5, CSS Etc..
Our team of eArtists design user-friendly websites conforming to web standards to present your business in the best way to your customers.
iPhone, Android, ReactNative etc.
Our team of system engineers would take care of all your technical operation while you focus on selling your products.
Research & Development
We build efficient software applications customized to fit your needs in minimum time and cost. Give us your requirements, we'll provide the most efficient and effective solution for you. To satisfy your requirements, we don't necessarily need to always build software from the scratch. We would find if there is already software that closely matches your requirement. In that case we would customize it to conform to your requirements. Even if there is no software matching your requirements, our rich set of tried and tested libraries of functions and classes enable us to develop software according to your requirements in the least possible time with least number of bugs.
Our Process:
After studying your requirements, we will provide a proposal which includes estimations of the workload, cost, and timeframe.
Once it is accepted and agreement signed, our software architects will immediately start to analyze and design the system. We will be studying your modes and procedures of business, scope of the application etc. We will analyze your functional requirements and other non-functional requirements (such as security, performance etc.) in detail and give you a SRS (Software Requirements Specification) document including a plan and schedule for the development. We will also provide the design document for your review.
The development will begin according to the plan. You can monitor the progress of development with our daily, weekly and monthly status reports. You can also view the current state of the software in our sandbox test instance. Periodic building and testing will ensure that the sandbox contains the latest code base.
We use state-of-the-art version control system, bug tracking system, project tracking system etc to have it all tracked and maintained perfectly. You will have access to all these systems for the projects you own.
Our regular testing at every step of development, unit testing methods etc. ensure that the code is of finest quality. At the end of the project, we will provide you with the deliverables including detailed installation instruction, administrator and user documentation, packaged software archive ready for installation etc.
We shall further provide you with any assistance you may need with installation, and even administrator and user training with screen-casts for your staff to use the software.
You can optionally sign up for annual maintenance contract for continued trouble-free support and maintenance of your software.
Our key fields of expertise:
Software Analysis and Design
Software Upgrade
Client-Server Applications
Distributed Applications
Component Development
Data Conversion
Web Development
Systems Programming
E-Commerce Applications
Database Maintenance
Server scripting
Web Designing
Our team of eArtists design user-friendly websites conforming to web standards to present your business in the best way to your customers. Consistent presentation across all popular browsers makes your website reach a broader range of your customers. Fast and normal application like user interaction using AJAX enhances your customers' experience at your website. Our website designs are guranteed to delight your customers and put them in a trance and they will love to visit your website again and again!.
Website Design & Hosting Services Google Ad Campaigns PSD to HTML Conversion Ebrochures & News Letters
Graphic Designing & Logos Mobile & Web Applications Business Need Apps
Server Administration
Linux Clusters
With the spread of the net reaching more places , more and more people relying on the net is growing at a very fast pace. We specialize in high performance solutions that would enable your sites to take the onslaught of a large amount of web traffic and also high availability solution that would ensure that your business critical sites never steps out from the Internet.

Listed below are the proven technologies that has been deployed on some of the high performance and high availability servers

Dual node active-passive hot standby configuration for cpanel or any other control panel based hosting.
Dual node active-active configuration with service failover. Different services running on different nodes to improve performance when both nodes are online. This configuration is appropriate for cpanel based hosting or when there is no control panel.
Dual node active-active configuration with external load balancer. This configuration is appropriate when no control panel is required. Cpanel also works with 2 licenses (quota management in cpanel does not work in this configuration).
Multi-node all-active configuration with external load balancer for very high-availability, heavy traffic hosting. This configuration is appropriate when no control panel is required.

In the age when time means everything, there is no room for downtime. We have the expertise and the latest in technology to deploy the latest in customized monitoring , that would ensure that critical business systems stays put 24/7/365 .

Multi threaded, multi locational monitoring systems.
Multiple notification alerts systems.
Voice, IM, EMAIL, Phone based alert notification systems.
Setup, maintenance and support for secure outsourcing, automated server health monitoring and maintenance systems. Development, setup, maintenance and support for customized automation systems for servers as per your requirements.
Security Audits::

A sound security system is indispensable for a successful business on the web as protecting valuable and critical information is of paramount importance. We have the expertise and the experience to secure servers and networks on the Internet.

We specialize in:
Kernel upgrades and hardening.
Firewall hardening.
Brute Force detections.
DDOS blocking.

What is Ezeelogin and why does a Datacenter, or a Hosting Company, or a Support Company or a Sys-admin need it?

Its the ultimate secure tool for your SSH gateway server that would assist you in administering and managing multiple servers/vps.
Sysadmins and support techs save time!.
It is an automation software that helps you organize, manage and administrate hundreds of Linux server easily, efficiently and securely. It has features like parallel shell, root password management, ssh user management and access control, one click control panel access, automated sudo, command line guard, user ssh logs and lots of other features that would save any company thousand of dollars when it has multiple Linux server to manage and lots of system administrators to take care of them.
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Outsourced Support
Devops services
Managed cloud services
Premium outsourced hosting support
For over 14 years, we've been providing quality support services to companies around the globe. Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.
We Are
Founder, Inventor and Chairman
Sunjith Sukumaran
Sunjith holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Engineering from the Cochin University of Science and Technology. He started his career as a software engineer in Poornam Infovision Pvt Ltd, in Cochin, India. After two years he began his own company, and since then has been the director of Admod Technologies Pvt Ltd. He is a technology enthusiast, has knowledge of almost every programming language, and is passionate about designing and delivering ingenious software solutions for more than 16 years. He has been the technical adviser and consultant to many leading hosting industry giants. It is not known if Sunjith sings, but he does hold a 3rd-degree Black Belt in Karate, and he’s an authorized World Karate Federation coach.
Founder, Inventor and Chairman /Marketing
Bachchan James
With more than 16 years of experience in the Internet hosting industry, he was instrumental in shaping the future of Admod Technologies as its director, other leading web hosting companies and e-commerce providers to meet their technological demands and playing crucial roles in the introduction of new technologies that has helped these companies to stay competitive, successful and to be on the edge. Bachchan holds an engineering degree in computer science from the Cochin University of Science and Technology.

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